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Anti-DDoS - Radware DefensePro is a device used for protection against DoS / DDoS attacks targeted at the infrastructure, systems and applications. Using patented attack detection technology that applies behavioral analysis and network operation learning, it can detect and block an attack in less than 18 seconds. A wide range of devices lets to configure protection against this family of attacks for organizations of any size, and their hardware architecture ensures a guaranteed volume for pure traffic traveling through the DefensePro system.

Application Delivery Controller

Application Delivery Controller - Radware Alteon is one of the leading Application Delivery Controller solutions. It allows sharing applications using load balancing and server health testing algorithms, and optimizing their operation (compression, caching). Alteon allows building advanced load distribution rules based on application content. Its complete set of functionalities includes: acceleration and SSL Offloading, application content optimization and WAF security functions.

Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall (WAF) - Radware AppWall is one of the leading Web Application Firewall solutions designed to protect web applications against advanced attacks. It allows creating protection profiles for multiple applications, protecting them against threats in positive and negative protection models. Radware AppWall protects against attacks defined on the OWASP Top10 list thanks to advanced security features and the ability to build an adaptive security policy.

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