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Juniper Networks was founded on a simple but incredibly powerful vision for the future of the network: “Connect everything. Empower everyone.” This ideal is the commitment of the company and the mission that drives every Juniper colleague every day.

Juniper Networks is dedicated to uncovering new ideas and innovations that will serve the exponential demands of the networked world. To do this, we build solutions that center on simplification, automation, and open innovation. Juniper Networks understands the business and IT issues that face enterprise organizations today-concerns about enterprise network security and access control, as well as the specific networking challenges affecting the campus, branch, and data center. And we engineer our enterprise network solutions to address these networking issues.


Popis technologie

Anti-malware Sandbox

Anti-malware Sandbox - SkyATP and JATP are Sandbox class solutions provided by Juniper Networks. SkyATP system is a cloud solution that significantly improves the level of security offered by the Juniper SRX firewall. SRX devices can send suspicious file to SkyATP for verification. SkyATP cloud analyzes the file using various AV systems, scans it for botnet communication and runs files in the Sandbox environment. JATP solution is available locally for demanding users who want to build an advanced Sandbox environment. JATP uses machine learning mechanisms, has a wider range of functions, and analyzes more types of files compared to SkyATP. The system also integrates with Google mail and Office 365 through API, so it can forward the chosen e-mail to quarantine.


SRX Series - Devices from SRX family are Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) solutions. Comprehensive network protection is implemented in Layers 2 – 7 ISO / OSI using mechanisms such as anti-virus, anti-spam, URL categorization and filtering, recognition and protection of applications (AppSecurity) as well as well-known intrusion detection mechanism from IDP devices (Intrusion Detection / Prevention System). SRX products are designed to protect small companies and their branches (SRX Branch series), but they also work in the largest data centers. SRX devices are characterized by unique performance in this segment of solutions and a variety of functions related to routing and MPLS support. In many installations, SRX devices perform very well as high-performance routers for enterprise sector (the device can be configured in packet mode) enabling support for many types of WAN interfaces. We recommend SRX in the form of a virtual machine to protect virtual environments. SRX devices are part of a comprehensive security solution called SDSN (Secure Defined Software Networking). SRX firewall devices together with the central security management and log collection systems (Junos Space Security Director & Log Collector) allow detecting threat in the network (also by analyzing files in the Sandbox system) and in the event of threat detection, they allow blocking the infected computer at the network level (at the level of switch network interface). The solution can operate in a hybrid environment through cooperation with switches from other manufacturers.

Network routers

ACX SERIES - Universal access and aggregation routers optimized to work in difficult conditions and for use in Ethernet MPLS networks. They feature high interface density and support advanced MPLS services (L2VPN, IP VPN, VPLS). Support for IEEE 1588 Time Precision Protocol allows using ACX routers in mobile, industrial and other networks that require precise time synchronization between network nodes.

MX SERIES - The most popular line of Juniper Networks routers intended for both enterprise solutions and operator networks. Solutions work based on the 3D Trio chipset created by Juniper. Routers have excellent performance (100GbE interfaces available), advanced routing functions (including support for many millions of prefixes), MPLS, Quality of Service, as well as hardware-controlled security functions such as NAT, CGNAT or IPSec. The platforms have been optimized for using Ethernet technology and adapted for use in Software Defined Networks (SDN).

PTX SERIES - PTX Series is designed for operator networks. PTX devices are selected for building the network's core by the world's largest communication operators. Products from PTX series feature high operational stability, reliability, performance (24 Tbps per chassis) and high density of 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE ports. Similar to MX series, PTX routers work based on the chipset built in Juniper Networks' laboratories. PTX routers are also adapted for use in Software Defined Networks (SDN).

Network switches

EX SERIES - The EX series switches have been growing in popularity with customers since they appeared on the market in 2008. Solutions designed for Enterprise market and for campus networks are also recognized by service providers. Switches have high performance (wire speed), virtualization capability (Virtual Chassis, Virtual Instances, Virtual Chassis Fabric, Junos Fusion), MPLS and wide range of L3 functions (OSPF, RIP, IS-IS, BGP). Unique stacking solutions (VC, VCF and Fusion) allow combining different switch models into a single logical appliance providing 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 40 and 100Gb interfaces.

QFX SERIES - The QFX family of devices was primarily designed for data centers. QFX switches are characterized by very high performance, high density of 10/40/100GbE ports, deep buffers and short packet switching times. When building a network in data center, it is worth using the Virtual Chassis Fabric or Fusion technology. VC Fabric operating based on Spine & Leaf architecture allows operation of 20 switches within a single logical device enabling efficient packet switching with the capability of load balancing on redundant VC Fabric connections. Junos Fusion allows connecting 64 switches into one logical device. Based on the QFX switches family, we can build networks according to the SDN (Software Defined Networking) concept thanks to the integration with VMWare NSX and Juniper Contrail.


SIEM - Juniper Secure Analytics is a SIEM security management system that performs the following functions: — maintaining central database containing information on events significant from the point of view of the ICT system security as well as searching the database and creating reports, — monitoring and correlation of events registered by operating systems, applications, databases, network and security devices, — status monitoring and detection of network environment malfunctions.

Virtual Security

Virtual Security - Juniper Networks places great emphasis on the development of virtual solutions. The manufacturer's offer includes virtualized solutions that can be installed on VMWare and KVM platforms. They are primarily SRX series new generation virtual firewalls (vSRX) that integrate with VMWare (Juniper SRX can be used as part of VMWare virtual machine protection), operator routers (vMX) often used as virtual route reflector, as well as security management solutions such as Junos Space Security Director and Log Collector. Junos Space SD and Log Collector are solutions that allow you to manage security policies on NGFW and collect logs across the entire network. JATP Sandbox is completing the whole security portfolio. It can be launched in the VMWare environment.


MIST AP - most of access points use an additional third radio to monitor the full spectrum of the network and drive information to the artificial intelligence working in the cloud, allowing to view the entire network and detect potential problems easier Vendor`s portfolio includes both 802.11ac (WIFI5) and 802.11ax (WIFI6) devices, with built-in and external antennas, as well as for indoor and outdoor use. We can also find devices with a built-in vBLE and IoT radio.

MIST CLOUD - public cloud platform based on microservices architecture provides predictability, reliability and measurability of the wireless network. Time-consuming manual tasks performed by administrators can be replaced by proactive automation and AI-driven self-healing, saving a significant amount of time. Mist also connects Enterprise-class WI-FI networks with Bluetooth LE and IoT so that organisations can add value to their wireless networks through personalized location services such as in-building navigation, location-based notifications and asset localization. Thanks to patented virtual BLE technology (vBLE), there is no need to use additional devices (beacons) or perform calibration.

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