The use of copper and fiber optic cabling in the office.

MICROSENS is a company providing solutions in the area of ​​access, corporate and metropolitan networks.

It specializes in solutions for fiber optic data transmission. Its portfolio includes a line of optical industrial devices applicable wherever high reliability, safety and resistance to external factors prevailing in industrial conditions are required.



Popis technologie

Network switches

CWDM / DWDM optical transport platforms - products enabling data transfer in TDM and WDM technologies, including amplifiers and converters of LAN / WAN signals. Available products allow up to 100G DWDM transmission on a distance of up to 2,000 km.

Industrial switches - properly reinforced and shielded industrial switches designed for work in harsh conditions, with a temperature range of -40°C to +74°C.

Micro offcie and medical switches - compact size devices with standard 45x45mm grid for easy installation in the most convenient location.

Universal fiber optic modul - programmable low cost fiber optic modules that can work with the majority of network devices available on the market.

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