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Anti-malware Sandbox

Anti-malware Sandbox - Wildfire environment detects unknown malware using static and dynamic analysis where suspicious files are opened / launched, which is followed by a process of identifying dangerous behavior. With machine learning, the system is able to identify key file attributes indicating that they are harmful, and feed the Endpoint Security system with this knowledge to provide even better and more complete protection.

Cloud Security

Prisma Public Cloud - provides mechanisms for protecting and verifying public cloud access compliance. It also provides full visibility of the mechanisms being configured. The solution is supported by machine learning and is responsible for data correlation and calculating the resource risk in the cloud environment. It is capable of detecting vulnerabilities and fixing configuration errors of templates for building a structure prepared by the client. Prisma SaaS provides SaaS application control and detects incidents in cloud infrastructure, sensitive data leaks via cloud applications, and malware in employee cloud resources. It detects malware in employee cloud resources in integration with WildFire. It performs retro-inspection — scanning previously saved employee files in cloud resources for security breaches (e.g. data leaks, malware distribution). Both services operate fully in the cloud and do not require physical devices. They are accessed via cloud services APIs and do not require agents at end stations.

Endpoint security

PALO ALTO TRAPS - is an advanced security system for workstations and servers. It provides security in an innovative way and can protect organizations from exploit and malware attacks without burdening users’ workstations. In addition, because it does not require frequent updates, it is perfectly suited for protecting offline environments and works well in other demanding architectures.


NEW GENERATION PALO ALTO NETWORKS FIREWALLS - allow for the implementation of a security policy based on users and granular control of applications used by them and content transmitted via the enterprise network. Available firewall devices are suitable for securing various types of environments, such as data centers headquarters and branches. These solutions will be perfect for protecting both the network interconnection point and the network, as well as in specialized applications, e.g. difficult industrial conditions.

Mobile security

GLOBALPROTECT - protects mobile systems against malware and APT attacks, and ensures secure and convenient remote VPN access to IT services. Prisma Access is the cloud version of this solution.


CORTEX XSOAR - CORTEX XSOAR is a dedicated SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) software that allows security teams (SOC) to manage incident handling process more effectively, it also accelerates response time to incidents. In addition, a number of internal mechanisms standardize incidents from various platforms and enable automation of all aspects of notification management. The solution supports also group work and, thanks to the machine learning mechanism, indicates the most suitable SOC team members to solve particular incidents.

Virtual Security

Virtual Security - Protection of virtual environments with NGFW functions operating in integration with virtual environments (including ESX, NSX, Azure, AWS). Thanks to built-in integration, these systems are able to adapt naturally and quickly to the dynamic nature of virtualized resources.

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